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Marinas Services

We do everything from single berth and simple access systems to full fledged marinas


Includes site visit and survey; various studies and analysis i.e. tide, wave conditions, soil, environmental impact, land and marine effect etc.; pinpoint strategy for number of berths and related facilities etc.


Includes a comprehensive design and layout with dimensions of the proposed marina, including all berths, and attached real estate development i.e. jetty, café, helipad, landscaping, restrooms, car parking, chandlery etc. 


Provision of entire marina infrastructure, from pontoons and fingers, to appropriate anchoring system. Our dynamic engineers, technicians and highly skilled labour guarantee a solid and aesthetically pleasing marina.


Our dynamic team would oversee the entire installation process, from transport of material from our yard to the project site, to testing and commissioning of the system.


Includes manpower, technology and communication facilities and systems for entire operational function, including management of all utilities and consumables


Includes periodic servicing, which is critical to maintain safety levels and operational comfort, including cleaning, component and structural checking etc. 

Ocean Blue is India’s premier boating company with a wide range of Boats, Yachts, Super Yachts, Marinas, etc. and represents several leading brands like Azimut, Atlantis, Mahindra Odyssea, Sealegs and Lagoon.

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